Open Minor Chords By Bill Tyers

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This lesson will introduce three minor chords which will expand our chord repertoire and enable us to play more songs.

You will notice that a minor chord is indicated by a letter m following the chord name. For example Em.

If you have trouble reading the chord box diagrams review this lesson on this page.

Three Minor Chords.

Minor chords have a distintive sad sound and help to bring variety into a composition.

Some songs are written entirely in a minor key, whilst others employ a mix of minor and major chords to add color to the composition.

D Major Chords
Practice Hints

Pay particular attention with the Dminor chord that you do not play the open sixth string. The open sixth string will create a very bad dischord and ruin the sound.

Notice the sad sound of the minor chord progression.

Chord Progression 1.

A Minor Chord Progression 1


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