How To Hold The Guitar By Bill Tyers

Sitting Position

holding the guitar

Firstly, find yourself a chair without a arm rest.

Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor and rest the guitar with sound hole away from you on your right thigh.

Place your right arm over the top of the body to hold the guitar against your body.

The neck of the guitar should be pointing to your left so that your left hand can comfortably reach the fret board.

The thumb of your left hand should rest behind the neck of the guitar; your left hand fingers should be positioned over the fingerboard and curled from the second joint segment.

What Is The Ideal Seated Position?

Tarrega Playing Guitar

It should be noted that placing the guitar on the left thigh is the recommended position for playing classical guitar.

This position brings the guitar across to the left a little more and with the help of a footstool puts the guitar in the most ideal position for the left hand to access the entire fingerboard.

It is interesting to note that the most comfortable position to play guitar is in the standing position with a neck strap and this position is the exact same position achieved by the classical method.

If this is the case then why recommend the right thigh position?

Firstly the classical position can be very tiring after a while and the use of a footstool to elevate the left leg is essential. The same position can be achieved with the help of a guitar strap or one of the many guitar supports that are on the market today.



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